Questions about our Company

When was Kanro Inc. founded?
Kanro was founded on November 10, 1912. We celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2012.
When was the stock listed?
Kanro’s stock was listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1962.
What kind of business is Kanro engaged in?
Kanro manufactures and sells confectionery and food products.
Since its foundation, Kanro has been engaged in the manufacturing of candies and other food and confectionery. We offer various products to our customers, including our mainstay product Kanro Ame which was launched in 1955 and also became our company name, Kenko Nodoame which was the first cough drop marketed in the confectionery and food industry, and Puré Gummy which successfully developed the gummies market targeting adult females.

Questions on Stock

Which stock exchange is Kanro’s stock listed?
Kanro’s stock is listed on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
What is Kanro’s securities code?
Kanro Inc.’s securities code is TSE:2216.
What is the minimum trading unit?
Our minimum trading unit is 100 shares.*
*Effective July 1, 2017, Kanro changed the number of shares constituting one unit of the Company’s share from 1,000 to 100.
Who should I contact for the administration regarding shareholding?
Please contact: Stock Transfer Agency Business Planning Department, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
Does Kanro have a shareholder benefits system?
Kanro sends out the following package containing its products to shareholders who own 100 shares or more and who are listed in the list of shareholders as of December 31 every year:
  • 100 to 599 shares: 1,000 yen worth of Kanro products or donation of 1,000 yen
  • 600 to 999 shares: 2,000 yen worth of Kanro products or donation of 2,000 yen
  • 1,000 shares or more: 3,000 yen worth of Kanro products or donation of 3,000 yen
When do we receive the shareholder benefits package?
The package will be delivered at the early April.

Questions on the General Meeting of Shareholders

When is the General Meeting of Shareholders held?
The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders is held at the end of March every year.

Questions on Financial Results & Performance

When is Kanro’s fiscal year-end?
The fiscal year-end is December 31.
How has the Company performed to date?
Please refer to the Financial Information & Performance page.
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