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CEO Kazuyasu Misu

President and CEO, Kanro Inc.
Tetsuya Murata

At Kanro, we aim to always stand by our stakeholders and be a company that our stakeholders want to support.

Since our founding in 1912, Kanro has provided our customers with a wide range of products that anticipate social trends and the potential demands of the market as a dedicated manufacturer of candy. Even today after having operated for 110 years since our founding, the core essence and mission of our business remains unchanged. Our basic policy for the promotion of sustainable management is to “contribute to people’s healthy lifestyles and work toward the realization of a sustainable society through our business centered on sugar.” Under this policy we aim to become a company beloved and trusted by everyone by co-creating value with all stakeholders.

In recent years, against the backdrop of the various impacts of geopolitical risks, climate change, and COVID-19, people’s lifestyles and values are changing significantly. Amid this uncertain and unpredictable outlook, we believe it is time for companies to consider the meaning of their existence in the society. As for us, our stated purpose “Sweeten the Future, Open People’s Hearts” encapsulates our wishes for the future as we operate through such circumstances.

In our “Medium-term Corporate Strategy 2024,” which we are currently working on and which covers the years from 2022 to 2024, we have declared our management to be purpose driven. The strategy states that we will work to promote, with our purpose-driven approach, “human resources and organization,” in order to support the three priority strategies of “value creation,” “ESG management,” and “expansion of business domains,” the major policies of the corporate strategy.

As part of our “ESG management,” in addition to establishing the “Sustainability Committee” in 2022, we announced our endorsement of TCFD, and established and enhanced an environment in order to take action. We are continuing to develop practical measures throughout Kanro in order to achieve the KPI established for each of our five areas of “creating value through ‘sweetness,’” “mitigation of environmental load through business,” “safety and reliability of food,” “respect for human rights and the promotion of diversity,” and “corporate governance.”

Going forward, by working to find solutions for social issues in the course of our business activities, Kanro will work to improve corporate value while contributing to the achievement of SDGs (International Goals for Sustainable Development adopted by United Nations).

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