Corporate governance

Basic policy

In order to become a company trusted and needed by society,Kanro engages in fair business and highly transparent organizational operation. The Company listens to the opinions of stakeholders at all times and reflects them in management decisions.


  • Governance
  • Compliance in terms of society and economics
  • Stakeholder engagement


  • Hold meetings of the Governance Committee and the Compliance Committee at least twice a year
  • Publish corporate reports (integrated reports)
  • Hold briefing sessions for individual investors

Related SDGs



Establishment of the Governance Committee

The Company established the “Governance Committee” in November 2018 comprised mainly of independent outside officers as a voluntary advisory body to the Board of Directors.
The purpose of the establishment is to further enhance the corporate governance system by obtaining appropriate involvement and advice from independent outside officers so as to ensure transparency and fairness in examining remuneration and other matters concerning Directors, etc.


The Company defines compliance as acting in compliance with not only laws and regulations as well as internal regulations, but also general social norms and expectations. In addition, the Company works to strengthen and thoroughly implement the compliance system through a variety of training programs for all employees.

Appointment of Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

“Officer in Charge of Compliance” was transformed to “Chief Compliance Officer” to demonstrate our stance on compliance in an easy-to-understand way, and the Company worked to strengthen the system. The Company will continue pushing forward with system building and measures even further to increase awareness among employees.
Education of employees
The Company provides training on “corporate ethics/ compliance” on a regular basis and distributes handheld compliance cards that summarize important matters concerning compliance to all employees in an effort to increase awareness and promote compliance.
Establishment of whistleblowing contacts
Contacts to receive reports of incidents and questions concerning non-compliance have been established inside and outside of the Company. Compliance Committee meetings will be convened to investigate, deliberate andexamine cases where a report is received.

Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces

The following fundamental policies have been established for the purpose of eliminating all ties to anti-social forces between the Company, our directors, members of the Audit & Supervisory Board , executive officers, full-time employees, contract employees , part-time employees, and temporary employees.

  • (1) The Company will respond to anti-social forces as an integrated organization .
  • (2) The Company will work in cooperation with external specialized institutions to respond to anti-social forces.
  • (3) The Company will terminate all relationships with anti-social forces, including any business relationships
  • (4) If necessary, the Company will take both civil and criminal action against anti-social forces

Risk management

The Company has identified risks concerning management and works to strengthen the risk management system to prevent risks from being materialized and promptly and appropriately handle


Ensuring the safety of all lives, not limited to our employees and their family members, is our top priority. It is also imperative that we restore our operations as soon as possible and maintain continuity. This is what our Business Continuity Plan is designed to do. As a confectionery manufacturer, it is our duty to ensure a steady supply of safe, reliable products. Should a major disaster strike, we assess the damage at our suppliers, and in the event that the supply of a specific ingredient is interrupted, we find a way to continue or quickly resume production by securing steady supply through use of a substitute ingredient, for example.

Initiatives to mitigate social media risks

The Company has set forth regulations concerning the use of social media to mitigate social media risks and thoroughly implements awareness raising and education concerning the matter for employees. The Company also works to detect risks at an earlier stage through monitoring.

Protection of personal information

The Company is strongly aware of the importance of the protection of personal information and specific personal information in its possession. Accordingly, the Company strives to protect personal information appropriately in compliance with laws and regulations and various codes concerning the protection of personal information.

Information security

The Company is strengthening and carrying out information management based on the information security policy to handle information appropriately. The Company also provides employees with thorough education and has departments in charge disseminate information on a regular basis, among other things.

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