Corporate governance

To ensure that Kanro fulfills its role as a member of society, we have formulated a Corporate Activities Charter to set standards for legal compliance, social contribution, and fair and honest corporate behavior. This charter represents our policies on corporate ethics.

We want to boost sustainable corporate value as we aim to ensure transparent, sound management practices that are increasingly efficient. In doing so, we feel it is critical that we take steps to enhance corporate governance. This means strengthening the functions of our board of directors and corporate auditing board, disclosing information on the status of our business operations, and remaining accountable to our shareholders.

Corporate governance


We define compliance as acting in line not only with laws, agreements, and internal regulations, but also with general social norms and expectations.

1. Internal regulations
Kanro assigns a chief compliance officer and puts them at the head of a Compliance Committee. Compliance officers are also assigned to take charge of each division and office to ensure full compliance throughout the entire organization.
2. Education
We thoroughly educate our employees about compliance through a variety of training programs--some aimed at the entire Kanro organization and others targeted to specific management levels and the like.
3. Internal reporting
We set up access points both inside and outside the company to answer questions and provide consultations about compliance issues as well as handle internal reporting.
4. Internal reporting scheme
Internal reporting scheme

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Ensuring the safety of our employees and executives as well as their family members is our top priority. It is also imperative that we restore our operations as soon as possible and maintain continuity. This is what our Business Continuity Plan is designed to do.
As a candy and snack manufacturer, our mission is to ensure a steady supply of safe, reliable products. Should a major disaster strike, we assess the damage at our suppliers and, in the event that the supply of a specific ingredient is interrupted, quickly find a way to resume production and ensure steady product supply--by using a substitute ingredient, for example.

What is a Business Continuity Plan?
A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is an action plan that outlines how the company is to respond in the event of a disaster, accident, or other unforeseeable event. It includes organizational frameworks, advance preparation, and post-disaster responses designed to keep critical operations up and running or, if they are interrupted, to restore them as soon as possible.
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