Supporting women in the workplace

Kanro has formulated an action plan to help create a world where women can take a more active role in society and is promoting a variety of related initiatives.

General Employer Action Plan

1. Plan period
April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2021
2. Issues at Kanro
Issue #1
Although there are no major differences between the number of men and women that Kanro hires and the number of years they stay with the company, the company still has a low percentage of women in management positions (we are even running the risk of falling below the average for our industry).
Issue #2
There are few female managers to serve as role models, and the environment is not supportive of women's perspectives.
Issue #3
There are few management learning opportunities.
3. Target
Bring the percentage of management positions (section managers or above) held by women to at least 8%.
4. Implementation period and specific actions
Action #1
Hold career training for female employees for the purpose of developing managers.
April 2016: Start discussing the training program
January 2017: Start holding manager development/career training sessions
Action #2
Hold discussion sessions where employees and female managers can share perspectives.
April 2016: Start working out a schedule for interviews and discussions
October 2016: Start conducting interviews and discussions
January 2017: Start consolidating perspectives and considering measures to target obstacles hindering female career development

Female management at Kanro

As of December 2018, the percentage of management positions (section managers or above) held by women was 7.3%.

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