Supporting the next generation

At Kanro, we want to provide a working environment that gives our employees the ability to balance career and family life while also making things easier on employees who don't have children. To achieve this, we've formulated an action plan based on a Japanese law outlining measures to support the growth and development of the next generation. The action plan includes steps that create family-friendly employment conditions, working conditions, and more.

General Employer Action Plan

1. Plan period
From Apr. 1st, 2018 to Mar. 31st, 2021
2. Plan details
The first goal
Encourage male employees to take paid parental leave and increase applicants more than 13% during these periods.
The second goal
Encourage employees to take more than half of all annual leave each year.
The third goal
Before Mar. 31st, 2020, we'll create an official day "take your child to work day" which can give children a glimpse into what their parent do.

Note: "Measures to support the growth and development of the next generation" refers to initiatives led by the national government, local public agencies, and employers for the purpose of creating environments that support people in raising healthy children to lead the next generation.

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