How to Become a Shareholder of Kanro

1)Opening an Account with a Securities company

To purchase Kanro’s stock, you will first need to open your own account with a securities company.
For details, please contact a nearby securities company or inquire a broker offering online trading services.
Please note that Kanro cannot directly accept or undertake stock purchase orders or handle administrative services.
Please Make sure you purchase stock based on your own judgments.

2)Purchasing Stock through a Securities company

After deposit funds necessary to purchase the stock in your securities account, and you can purchase the stock through the securities company.
Kanro’s stock is traded on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).
Stock code: 2216

Because the minimum trading unit of Kanro’s stock is 100 shares, the minimum purchase price will be 100 times the share price.
In addition, you will also need to pay a brokerage fee to your securities company except purchasing the stock.

Stock Price Information
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