Business Activities

Kanro recognizes its technology to analyze the science of sugar as its core competence, and positions itself as a company “Working only with the sweet things”, to make brighter futures infused with sweetness as the world’s top confectionary.

2020 composition of net sales

Hard candy
Hard candy market share: No. 1 (19.8%, *Intage SRI, Jan. - Dec. 2020)

We continuously offer product brands loved by many people, including our long-selling Kanro Ame which also became our company name, Kenko Nodoame brand which was the first to establish the cough drop category in the confectionery market, and the No. 1 milk candy brand Kin no Milk.

Gummy market share: No.2 (16.5%, *Intage SRI, Jan. - Dec. 2020)

Our mainstay brand Puré Gummy offers a fruit-like texture and sweet and sour flavor that created a new gummy market for adults. The Candemina Gummy, popular among children and male consumers, is also growing into a popular brand trailing behind Puré Gummy.
With the launch of the new gummy production lines in 2020, we will strive to further expand sales.

Healthy snacks

We offer high quality healthy snacks including the easy-to-eat seedless sour plum Marugoto Oishii Hoshiume, healthy plum-flavored pickled seaweed stems Kukiwakame, and on-the-go freeze-dried natto soybean snack Puchi Pori Natto.

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