Shareholder Return/Dividends

Dividend Policy

Kanro recognizes profit distribution to shareholders as one of its crucial management tasks and makes it a basic policy to pay stable dividends on a continuing basis.
In addition, under the "Medium-term Corporate Strategy 2024" announced in February 2022, the Company will gradually raise its dividend payout ratio to 40% in 2024 with the aim of further enhancing shareholder returns while maintaining a balance with growth investments.

Dividends per share

(As of February 8, 2024)

per share
(JPY) *2
Payout ratio
Interim Year-end Total
20/12 7.5 8.5 16.0 43.18 37.0%
21/12 7.5 12.5 20.0 62.33 32.0%
12/22*3 12.5 19.0 31.5 96.08 32.8%
12/23 20.0 38.0 58.0 177.09 32.8%
12/24(forecast) 30.0 42.0 72.0 179.57 40.1%

*The "Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition" (ASBJ Statement No. 29, March 31, 2020) and others have been applied from the beginning of the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022, and agent fees, etc., which were previously recorded as selling, general and administrative expenses, are now deducted from net sales. Figures for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018 and thereafter are after retroactive application of the said accounting standards.

*1: EPS=Basic earnings per share

*2: Kanro conducted a stock split of its common stock at a two-for-one ratio with the effective date of July 1, 2019 and July 1, 2022. Dividends per share and EPS (basic earnings per share) are calculated on the assumption that the share consolidation and the stock split were conducted at the beginning of FY2018.

*3: Dividends per share of FY2022 includes a commemorative dividend of 5 yen per share (commemorative dividend for 110th anniversary).

Changes in dividends and payout ratio

(graph)Changes in dividends and  payout ratio

Purchase of treasury shares

Period of
Number of
shares to be
Total amount of
February 22, 2019 60,000 shares ¥ 188,100,000

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